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Our Values


ITECS makes the success of Project Controls Services transparent and measurable as added value. As engineers and software developers, we make a decisive contribution to this.

Mission Statement

Every ITECS project support is always measured by guaranteeing maximum project transparency on a daily basis.

ITECS continuously improves its project management methods. All project participants should be able to find their way around in a professionally managed project control system at all times and be able to find their specifications or tasks.

Wherever system breaks and data incompatibilities occur, ITECS develops economic engineering and software solutions that close the gaps transparently and comprehensibly.

Guiding Principle

ITECS employees ensure an open working environment in which all project perspectives are correctly reflected. This is the basis for a realistic and honest presentation of all constraints that have to be overcome in a successful project.

ITECS is committed to always be measured by project success. To this end, we continuously record all criteria that enable objective performance measurement.

ITECS proves that although project control costs money, it can save a lot of money when applied constantly.

Convinced that information multiplies through sharing, ITECS consistently follows the principle of “The Transparent Project”.

ITECS stands for “the good conscience in every project” by acting competently and appropriately.

Set of Values

We respect the dignity of all persons, regardless of their function and position. We express this through appreciative and respectful treatment, free of discrimination and racism.

We want our employees and our environment to be accident-free and healthy. High hygiene standards of our social and sanitary facilities as well as the ergonomics and design of our workplaces guarantee a work in a healthy environment.

We support the compatibility of career and family. By making working hours more flexible, flexible working houers instead of part-time and the possibility to use the home office, we do not focus on the presence in the company but on the agreed performance.

We always include the environment in our business activities. All processes are carried out with due consideration of environmental compatibility and conscientious use of the given resources.

We respect the privacy of both employees and customers and guarantee the correct handling of all data.

We are committed to equal opportunities in the application process for young people. For this purpose we operate the online application platform “BeOBoX”.

Sustainable Development