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CAD Programming

Creation of company specific CAD Tools, system libraries and labeling fields as well as drawing frameworks.

We create your company-specific CAD tools that you need specifically for your work and find solutions for standardizing and optimizing your CAD work processes. Processing steps and operations that you have to repeat frequently and laboriouslyare summarized in a program that you can start and run like a command. Recognition and processing automation can thus significantly accerlerate your work and significantly increase the efficiency of your CAD system.
Our application Ritecs works under Autocad and has all functions required for the creation of standard-compliant flowcharts with database support. With the help of our Listecs application, the information is managed in the database and part lists or barcode labels are created.

Creating company-specific symbol libraries

We create your own company-specific graphic symbols that you can easily insert into your drawings. Symbols for the areas of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical and supply engineering, hydraulics, electronics, etc. are arranged in symbol libraries and made available to your CAD system. These symbols may be standard symbols or special symbols or pictograms deviating from industry standards.

Creating company-specific title blocks and drawing frames

We create your drawing frames for your CAD system. You define your standard or special formats as well as the entries in your title block, we supply the finished drawing frames, which you can use immediately for your drawings.