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Project Control Services

Our Principle

Project controls consequently applied will save a lot of money. This is our mission and commitment. Our people, systems and methodologies ensure continuous evaluation of project performance based on a well defined scope and project objectives.

Our Service Concept

If the schedule completely pictures all adaptations in advance and at all times, project members can orientate themselfes and work on a minimum of foreseable changes.
We believe that sharing of important information will contribute to transparent and better managed projects. Therefore, our Project Controls Services include many other aspects in addition to the classical scheduling.

Project Control Terminplan by ITECS


  • Scheduling – we prepare and drive your project schedule
  • Changes – we keep track on your project changes
  • Communication – value creation by sharing significant information
  • Cost assingment – we link cost information to schedule activities
  • Organization – we act as a focalpoint for the project team and the stakeholders
  • Quality – a sustainable schedule helps to control the uncertainties
  • Resources – we optimize the resource usage
  • Risk – we register, analyze and mitigate your project risks
  • Project structure – we create your homogenous WBS
  • Contracts and Claims – we track all relevant contrack changes
Project Controls ITECS

Cost Tracking

If costs and activities build a one to one relationship, it ensures efficient and transparent cost tracking.

Document Tracking

You are familiar with this situation? You want to ensure a complete documentation of all project project components. This is where our PIN Project Server based Document Tracking System helps!


A Reporting system supports the appropriate dissemination of information within the project, improving transparency for all parties involved.

Risk Management

Projects are subject to risks and chances, which have to be identified and evaluated at all times.

SiGe- Scheduling

On every construction site, healt and safety aspects have utmost priority. The Health and Safety Coordinator (SiGeKo) is responsible to identify where threats can emerge.

Project Management Processes

Wherever we find an environment without an established project management methodology or standard, ITECS introduces its own project management system.

Multi-Project Coordination

Multi Project Coordination is complex. No matter if numerous parallel projects, a project program including multiple locations, or all investment and maintenance projects of a single location: A well structured project portfolio with clear priority regulations is a prerequisite.

Book A Scheduler

The idea behind “Book A Scheduler” is quite simple: Project Control Services tailored to the needs of your project. Our service can be booked via our online platform in three easy steps.