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Engineering Services

Our Principle

The thinking of engineers results in drawings and diagrams. They have to be communicated to all available organizational units and relevant project participants. Reliable documentation is a corner stone of success.

Our Service Concept

Technical Documentation consists of different types of documents. It is essential for project succes to develop and maintain appropriate structure for document communication and archiving.
Our engineering services cover following areas of document creation, processing and publishing:

Construction Plant-Engineering

CAD Construction for Process- and Plant-Engineering

Technical Documentation

Preparation of technical documentation.

Site Digitalization

Site-Digitalization as 360° Panorama-Presentation (pin pano).

Creation of 3-D Parts

Creation of 3D-Parts on basis of 2D-CAD or paper drawings.

Creation of 3-D Libraries

Creation of 3D-standard-part-libraries.

CAD Programming

Creation of company specific CAD-Tools, system libraries and labeling fields as well as drawing frameworks.

CAD-Data conversion

CAD-Data conversion from one CAD-System to the other.


CAD integration and implementation of your CAD software.


CAD-Data conversion from one CAD-System to the other.