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Creation 3D Libraries

Creation of 3D-standard-part-libraries

We support you in your designs by taking over the 3D modeling of already defined factory standard parts. Especially when converting your projects from 2D to 3D, or when introducing a 3D CAD system, our services can significantly reduce your project workload. This frees up your capacity and the potential of your 3D CAD system for design work, allowing your highly qualified employees to concentrate on the essentials.

You simply give us your factory standard parts, which are available as 2D CAD files or as paper drawings, and we will send you the finished 3D parts library, which you can immediately insert into your design. Parametric CAD models are created that have intelligent insertion properties and which you can edit or add to at any time as required. Your specifications regarding material, insertion dependencies, color conventions, etc. are adhered to according to your wishes.