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Contractor Information System

You are looking for an information system, easy to handle and able to incorporate all of your contractors?

Our Contractor Information System (CIS) offers you a web based platform, where workflows can be customized to your company’s needs.


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In every company with a manfacturing plant, numerous person pass through the gates each day.

You have substantial effort to regulate authorized access with ID cards. Contractors and external companies with high turnover of staff demand a permanent updating of ID cards, as well as the instructional documents and / or videos. It is a challenge to distribute changes in these informations to all ID card holders in a timely manner and proof the acknowledgement of those changes in information.

With the installation of our PIN Project Server, we establisch a centrally web based source for all project information at your company.

Users are your special departments, like fire brigade, securty service or procurement. In short: All departments that have been involved in the process of editing ID cards so far.

New is the direct integration of your contractors in the system.

You are able to cede quotas of ID cards to contractors that are administered by them independently. Application and authorization follow your company specific workflows, providing information about the approval status at any time. Our “Workflow-Engine” supports those individually defined company processes.

The PIN Project Server includes a document administration for the ID card approval procedure. That way, we ensure the availiability of all security relevant documents with an up-to-date status for checks and instructions.

By using different transmittals, the contractor is informed of any change or update in the data, while ath the same time serving your company as a proof for meeting your informational obligations.

Access to the system is granted via a role-based authorization, compliant with the highest data security standards.

System CIS
  • Any desired sequence of work can be modeled with the “Work-Flow Engine”, i.e. an entry permit
  • Customer specific data security guidelines can be incorporated
  • A clear and user friendly input screen, for instance for the creation of new applicantion entries
  • IDs can be printed right away
  • Time saving, as editing work on data records is transfered to contractors
  • Contractors administrate themselves as per their assigned card contingent: they handle initial applications or changes on issued ID cards.
  • Up to date overview (with status information of the application) on all persons with access authorization
  • The automated log provides automated evidence for HSE relevant documents, which are always up-to-date

Both the contractor and the subcontractor use declarations of conformity to prove the completeness of all valid labour law requirements and prerequisites.

These documents can be “hung” directly on the contractors and the personnel managed by you, including the subcontractor, so that in the event of an inspection these declarations are available without delay.

These functionalities are available to all our CIS customers on the PIN Project Server platform:

  • Approval of contract partners by internal departments such as Purchasing, HSE, …
  • Delivery of requested documents to a contractual partner (e.g. SCC certificate, declarations of conformity, etc.)
  • Registration of subcontractors by the contracting party.
  • Approval of the registered subcontractor by internal departments such as Purchasing, HSE, …
  • This function is “configurable” depending on whether the e.g. purchasing department should approve the used subcontractor of a master agreement partner or not.
  • Registration and approval of vehicles and equipment with the possibility of assignment to their drivers with ID plate for the driver’s cab.